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JEGantic is a hospitality group that creates unique experiences for a diverse clientele. Founded in 2005, John Gumbley has brought his creative vision and built a company that now employs over 250 people and owns 6 venues. JEGantic is also known for its charitable contributions to the local community of Montreal partnering with various not for profits as well as the annual JEGantic Christmas toy drive.


JEGantic’s main vision is to provide a hospitality benchmark on the market. Any venue operated by the group is built from the ground up with an award winning hospitality mindset.


Each one of the JEGantic projects starts with an experience in mind. The partners at JEGantic travel the world to inspire the vision for each project and deliver a unique experience that will bring each guest to a specific place in time or on the planet.


Every detail is carefully selected for each JEGantic venue. Once you enter, every interaction our guests have is deliberate and intentional. Design is a very important part of every project. From the counters, decors, drinks, menus and even cutlery selection, the group takes pride in the overall visual and physical relevance of every venue.

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Every JEGantic project commences with a carefully envisioned experience. JEGantic’s partners globe-trot to draw inspiration from around the world, shaping a distinct encounter that transports every guest to a particular moment in history or a specific location on Earth.


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The people who work at Jegantic share the vision and passion of our founder

We’re driven by the challenges and solutions we can come up as a team to move the industry forward.

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Jegantic venues are ideal for festive and corporate events like weddings, bachelor(ettes), corporate meetings, Christmas parties, New Year parties and other special occasions. We offer a variety of entertainment options. Please contact us so that we can cater a plan to your specific needs.


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