Celebrate the Maestros: National DJ Day at JEGantic 🎧

National DJ Day, celebrated annually on January 20th, pays homage to the incredible talents of DJs who have revolutionized our music experience. It all began in 1909 with a 16-year-old student named Ray Newby, who, under the guidance of Charles Herrold, performed the first disc jockey session as a live radio experiment. This sparked a movement that would eventually sweep across the globe.

Fast forward to the 1950s, we meet Alan Freed, aka ‘Moondog,’ an influential figure in DJ history known for popularizing rock ‘n’ roll. Interestingly, National DJ Day also commemorates his legacy, marking his death anniversary.

At JEGantic, we are all about celebration, appreciation and recognition. We want to hold in high regard the innovation and skill of DJs, from those who spin records in clubs to those who entertain millions over the airwaves. In honor of this special day, all JEGantic venues will come alive with electrifying beats and live-streamed DJ sets, promising an unforgettable experience.

Why Join our National DJ Day Celebrations?

  1. The Morning Energizer: DJs are the unsung heroes who spice up our morning commutes with their curated playlists, keeping our spirits high.
  2. The Dance Floor Igniters: They are the heart and soul of every party, turning ordinary evenings into magical experiences with their music mixes.
  3. Cultural Catalysts: Music is a universal language, and DJs play a crucial role in evolving musical tastes and trends, contributing significantly to the cultural landscape.
  4. Creating lasting memories: Being a part of this celebration not only makes you unique but also guarantees the formation of lifelong, unforgettable memories. Have you ever heard of anyone else celebrating National DJ Day? We don’t think so, so be part of our top-tier community.


Each of our venues – Yoko Luna, Bord’Elle, The Farsides, Muzique and Hang – is eagerly prepared to welcome you with incredible DJs spinning amazing music at every location.

Yoko Luna: Prepare to embark on an unforgettable sonic journey as these incredible DJs transport you to the heart of the dance floor. Known for their unparalleled expertise in the realm of house music, DJ Joseph JR and Evangelos are set to elevate your nightlife experience to new heights.


Bord’Elle: Elevate your night with the infectious beats of Zack Cola, a true connoisseur of house music who brings unparalleled passion for the genre to every set. Experience the ultimate fusion of genres with Marcel Wynn, the maestro of open format beats! Marcel’s versatility knows no bounds as he seamlessly blends the best of hip-hop, pop, electronic, and more.

The Farsides: Step into a time machine of musical delight as DJ Kwite Sane takes you on a trip down memory lane. Renowned as the Throwback Expert, Kwite Sane is your guide to the golden era of the 90s and early 2000s. With an extensive collection of timeless hits and an innate ability to curate the perfect blend, he ensures a night filled with the classics that defined an era.

Muzique: Prepare to be on the forefront of modern vibes as DJ Kreativ takes center stage. Renowned for his keen sense of the contemporary music scene, from the latest chart-toppers to underground gems, he curates a sonic landscape that is always ahead of the curve.

On this National DJ Day, JEGantic unfolded an exciting opportunity for DJs to become part of our esteemed DJ roster. The call is made for all up-and-coming DJs to sign up and seize the chance to showcase their talents in the coveted “Hang Open Slot.” It isn’t just about being a spectator; it is an invitation to be part of the magic. As a gesture of appreciation, those who sign up not only get the chance to skip the line but also receive a complimentary drink. 

Secure your reservations now for this extraordinary affair and let the music ignite the excitement! Don’t miss out on the thrill – reserve your spot and be ready to immerse yourself in an unforgettable musical journey!