Andrew Bambino, Executive Chef at Jegantic

Andrew Bambino

Executive Chef

Chef Andrew Bambino, aka Andrew Ba, has plenty of success and experience under his belt. His beginning in the restaurant world was that of a 16-year-old dishwasher in a trendy Italian spot, and as time passed he constantly elevated his game.

Today after 15 years in the culinary industry Chef Andrew boasts a resume that includes many of Montreal’s busiest and trendiest places such as Mediterraneo, Kabana and Mile Public house amongst others. His first experience as a head chef turned out to be the smashing success we all know as Bord’Elle. Being there since day one; Chef Andrew has helped evolve the dinner service from 80 seats to 200 seats, while ensuring that food quality, ticket times, and overall functions during dinner play out as smoothly as possible. Andrews specialty is providing creative dishes with high quality products in high volume, intense supperclub like settings. Very few are as adept at balancing the two worlds. His hard work and dedication did not go unnoticed as he quickly evolved from Chef at Bord’Elle, to the Executive chef of Jegantic Group, overseeing and micromanaging all current and future ventures within the company. Most recently you can find Andrew putting all the finishing menu touches and improving each and every dish at our latest project, The Farsides.