One Magic Moment 2023: A Remarkable Success

One Magic Moment (OMM) is a heartwarming event designed to bring joy and inspiration to children from under-served communities. This unique gala, hosted by JEGantic, is more than just a celebration; it’s a transformative experience for its young attendees. It aims to instill a sense of possibility, to ignite the spark of ambition, and to remind each child that they are capable of achieving great things. The day begins with a thrilling ride in a party bus, setting the stage for an afternoon filled with wonder and excitement. At the core of OMM is the goal to provide these deserving children with an opportunity to step into a world of whimsy and thematic splendor. This magical afternoon is an unforgettable experience, not just for the fun and laughter it brings, but for the seeds of inspiration it sows in the hearts of these young individuals. 

At JEGantic, we view our restaurants—Bord’Elle, Hang, The Farsides, and Yoko Luna—not merely as places to dine but as platforms for making a meaningful difference. One Magic Moment truly epitomizes our vision, transforming Yoko Luna into a haven where imagination soars, and the festive spirit flourishes, in 2023.

Brimming with delightful children, dedicated volunteers, exceptional staff, generous sponsors, and even Santa himself, One Magic Moment took successful place at Yoko Luna in 2023. The triumph of OMM 2023 wasn’t solely attributed to the musical melodies, delectable food, or thoughtful gifts. Rather, it was the radiant smiles and joyfully altered states of the children, feeling cherished, valued, and truly heard. Every moment was a unique opportunity for them to savor, tailor-made to their wants and needs, all made possible by our supportive sponsors—who will be acknowledged with heartfelt shout-outs at the conclusion of this meaningful blog.

In a heartwarming journey that began seven years ago, John E Gumbley, the president of JEGantic, reminisces about the humble origins of what has now become a beacon of hope and joy for underserved communities – the annual One Magic Moment event.

 “Seven years ago, I had this little idea to create a Christmas event for children from underserved communities,” shares Gumbley. “It was simply a way for me to give back to those in need and served as a reminder that I needed help myself during the holidays just to have a hot meal and a few gifts.” Gumbley reflects on the ethos that guided the inception of the event, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging one’s roots. “We never know exactly where we are going, but we should never forget from whence we came.” The inaugural event, which began with 50 children, saw the generosity of local entrepreneurs who donated gifts, food, services, and time to make it a reality. Over the years, this humble initiative has blossomed, culminating in the recent 2023 edition – the most significant One Magic Moment event to date. With over a thousand children touched by the magic of the event this year, Gumbley is elated to see the growth and impact. “The idea was always to inspire the children in attendance to reach for more and to live life with love, kindness, and giving at the center of their hearts.” The success of One Magic Moment in 2023 has transcended local boundaries, gaining recognition on prominent platforms. “I am so proud that today we’ve made enough noise and touched enough lives that we were featured on the front page of the Montreal Gazette as well as on air with Global news and CityNewsMt, among others.” As the event continues to flourish, John E Gumbley remains dedicated to spreading joy and creating lasting memories for those who need it most. One Magic Moment stands not just as an annual event but as a testament to the transformative power of compassion, community, and the enduring spirit of giving.

Without the support and dedication of our amazing sponsors, this magical moment wouldn’t have been possible. Their contributions have not only enhanced the event but also brought smiles and joy to everyone involved. We deeply appreciate each and every one of them for their help and efforts:

Each sponsor has played a crucial role in making this event a resounding success. Their contributions have not only added to the event’s charm and excitement but also ensured that every participant leaves with wonderful memories. We are immensely grateful for their support and generosity.

A heartfelt acknowledgment is due to the backbone of this extraordinary event, without whom its success would not have been possible. Special thanks go out to Jennifer Torresrossi, Tuti Do, Christina Perri Jones, and Melissa Benezra, who served as the official and unofficial organizing committee. Their dedication and hard work made this edition the best one yet, leaving an indelible mark on the faces of all the kids involved. 

Cheers to upcoming endless One Magic Moment afternoons!