Illuminate Your New Year’s Eve with Jegantic Group’s Culinary Wonders

Diverse Flavors, Unforgettable Celebrations – Find Your Perfect New Year’s Venue

Welcome to a New Year’s Eve like no other with the Jegantic group’s array of captivating restaurant experiences! Whether you’re looking to savour an intimate night cap before the countdown or dance into the early hours, our venues cater to every taste and party size. Indulge in diverse culinary delights ranging from authentic Japanese, vibrant Thai, exotic Hawaiian, elegant French, to the unique flavors of Vatnesse cuisine. Experience the nostalgia of the ’90s at The Farsides, the refined sophistication at Hang Bar, the exotic allure at Bord’elle, and a lively, unforgettable dance night at Yoko Luna. Each venue offers a unique ambiance, ensuring a memorable celebration to usher in the new year. Discover the magic of our restaurants and choose your perfect New Year’s Eve celebration!